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Brittany & Adam, April 23, 2021

Photos courtesy of Richard Bell Photography

venue: The Cedar Room

Hailey & Alan August 7, 2020

Photos courtesy of Shelby Spencer Photography

venue: Founders Hall

Victoria & Jesse July 11, 2020

Photos courtesy of Erin Maynard photography

venue: The Restoration Hotel

Amanda & Brad January 25, 2020

Photos courtesy of Nancy Lempisis Photography

venue: ceremony Seacoast, reception Cannon Green

Michael & Staci March 9, 2019

Photos courtesy of Jolie Connor Photography

Venue: Boals Farm

Gabe & Miranda October 20, 2019

Photos courtesy of Casey may photography

venue Folley Beach, Pelican Watch

Carleigh & Dana April 26, 2019

Photos courtesy of Lauren Berry Photography

venue Ion Creek Club

Hayley & Justin April 13, 2019

Photos courtesy of Pinnacle Charleston

venue Cooper River Room

Christian & Sydney Oct 27, 2018

Photos courtesy of Lydia McCaulley Photography

Venue: Citadel Summerall Chapel & 5 Faber Place

Megan & Michael Oct ​6, 2018

Photos Courtesy of Sloan Photography 

Venue: Alhambra Hall

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